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I’m thrilled to be reading at Litquake next month. It’s my first time and I’m really honored. I’ll be sharing the bill with some major talent: Alan Black, Jack Boulware, Beth Lisick, Josh Mohr, David Henry Sterry, and Frances Stroh. It’s all happening at Vesuvio, one of my favorite bars in San Francisco. So come…


My short story, “The Warning Track,” has been published in Stymie Magazine.  It’s in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue, aka The Baseball Issue. You can read it online, download the PDF, or even print the whole issue, if that’s your thing. (I admit it: I still print lots of stuff.) Go Red Sox!

Read the story in Stymie Magazine.

Long time no see

Welcome back to my website. It’s been a few years, I know. But while this site was sitting around getting all green and moldy, I was up to my ears in graduate school, studying creative writing. I’m done now — with school, that is — and I’m working on a novel in stories called The…